About Us

Schnell and smart.

Silberpuls is a small intercultural product innovation agency in Berlin, sharing a multidisciplinary skillset and experience of 25+ years.
We deliver creative thinking and best practice design across a wide range of disciplines for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. We work at pace and prioritize well.


Believes in exploring visual communication as a tool and art. Likes to think she's the DJ queen.


"Design means to make things work". Our provider and our pal. Basically lives in the office. Oh, also the boss!


She's passionate about design and cares about detail. Always freezing and covered in scarves.


Marcel is the 2nd that is not only a top UX guy but also eats code for lunch.


Designs the brillant german way. Oh, she’s blonde.


Lenny loves to brand. Believes in Design as the future force! She takes care of our office karma.


Musti, Hashtag King, is the opposite of a problem. Believes a Döner a day keeps the doctor away.

Andreas Hofmann

The Product Manager and only boy that is not a designer here. Ahh, and a Bavarian.